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Destinations! Germany: Marburg

Spring Semester

Spring:  January 1 - May 29

The University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point has sponsored culture and language programs of study/travel in Germany since 1971. For  students of German, who seek to live the language they are learning, who seek language education that transcends the boundaries of the classroom,  the spring semester in Marburg offers the opportunity to experience Europe, Germany and especially the Philipps-Universität along with the atmosphere and beauty of one of Germany’s oldest university towns. Strengthen your knowledge about Germany and increase your proficiency in German while studying with outstanding German instructors. Enjoy living in the university community and having daily association with German students. Marburg’s central location makes it ideal for trips to other German cities (e.g. Frankfurt, Heidelberg, Cologne, Aachen) and other regions.

Application Deadline: April 1, for guaranteed consideration; though late applications are very often accepted. Please check with the International Programs Office for available space.

Go to the Applications page to find out how to get an application.


Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors from all disciplines with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.50.  A minimum of six college semesters (German 314) or its equivalent is preferred; students with four college level semesters (German 212) may be accepted pending approval of the UWSP Foreign Language Department.


Cost Includes:

  • 15-Week Academic Program.
  • Train transfer on arrival Frankfurt am Main-Marburg.
  • Room and most board in student dormitories at Philipps Universität – Marburg.
  • Three excursions from Marburg to cities such as Weimar, Eisenach, Frankfurt, Heidelberg.
  • UWSP full-time tuition for Wisconsin Residents (Minnesota students qualify for reciprocity, surcharge for other out-of-staters is only $1000.)
  • Local transportation: bus/tram pass for all Marburg/Hessen. Transportation to Marburg is provided.
  • Intensive German language classes: 20 hours per week. This program is designed for students who have a GENUINE interest in learning the German language.
  • UW-System mandatory health insurance.

Plan your budget to cover airfare*, passport and personal travel/expenses.

*For information on how to book an airline ticket, please click here.

Click here for latest price estimates.


The itinerary is planned as CHICAGO- FRANKFURT-CHICAGO. Marburg’s central location provide an excellent base for personal side trips.


A minimum of 12 credits in upper-level German courses.  This generally includes, but is not limited to, German 314 - Intermediate or 345 - Advanced German Composition and Conversation, 420 Phonetics, 340 Introduction to German Literature and 481 German Culture & Civilization.  Classes are taught in German, but keeping in mind that you are still learning the language.  This is a serious academic program and you will be integrated in the on-going language courses at the Philipps-Universität for foreign students who plan to continue their studies in Germany.  You will seriously improve your German – HONEST.

You will be given a placement exam upon arrival.  Regardless of the results, you will receive credit for the next sequential German course in which you would have enrolled at UWSP. Instructional staff in Marburg may not advise you on matters having to do with registration and credits earned. All such matters are exclusively handled by the Department of Foreign Languages at UWSP.

Academic Leader

For academic advising please see the the following UWSP faculty:

Dr. Thomas Leek,
Dr. Tobias Barske,

Sample Core Class List


GERMAN 314. Intermediate Composition.  3 cr. Prereq: 212, or by placement exam.

GERMAN 345. Advanced Conversation and Composition (formerly 317). 3 cr. Subtitle will designate focus. Prereq: 313 and 314, or consent of the Foreign Language Department Chair.

GERMAN 340. Introduction to German Literature.  3 cr. Intensive reading, methods of literary analysis of various genres; introduction to fundamental techniques of literary criticism. Subtitle will designate area. May repeat ONCE for credit with a different subtitle. Prereq: 313 and 314 or consent of the Foreign Language Department Chair. GDR:HU2

GERMAN 420. Phonetics and Diction (formerly 320). 3 cr. Prereq: 212, or by placement exam.

GERMAN 481. German Culture and Civilization (formerly 381). 3 cr. “Bundesrepublik Deutschland.” Subtitle will designate focus. May repeat for credit with different subtitle. Prereq: 340 or consent of the Foreign Language Department Chair. GDR:HU4

INTERNATIONAL STUDIES 300: International Study Tour. 1 cr.; Analyze social, cultural, economic, and political conditions through on-site tours and lectures with appropriate study and writing. Subtitle will designate countries or regions. May repeat with different subtitle. Grade based on attendance at all group tours and lectures.

Optional course:

WELLNESS 199 A/A - Independent Study. 1 cr. Obtain standardized forms from the International Programs Office. GDR:WL A/A


Up to ten weeks before the start of the program, all fees except the initial $250 deposit will be refunded. After the time, tuition, airline, tour costs and housing charges are assessed. If the program would be cancelled, all fees will be refunded. Because exchange rates and airline prices fluctuate, International Programs reserves the right to cancel, surcharge, or to alter the program.

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