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Approximate Semester Abroad Program Costs for 2014/15

We pay our bills in the currencies of the countries where you will be studying. Fluctuations in the value of the US dollar may impact the final program costs. In recent years the dollar has lost strength against other major world currencies.  UWSP International Programs Office has NO ability to influence exchange rates.




    NOTE: Programs are offered each semester unless

                otherwise noted.


Cost includes:

  •  WI resident fulltime tuition (Non-Residents: See Tuition note),
  • accommodation for program dates,
  • meal allowance,
  • international airfare UNLESS marked by an asterisk (*).

Asterisk denotes airfare NOT included.

Semester in Australia: Melbourne   ​(+See note on visas.)




Semester in Britain: Liverpool​

(The spring semester is about two months longer than the fall term.)

$8,700-$9,200* (Fall 2014)

$10,700-$11,200* (Spring 2015) 

Semester in Britain: London
(+See note on visas.):

$14,850-$15,350 (Semester program includes the England Entry Study Tour)

NOTE: This is a separate program from 

Semester in France: Caen  (SPRING ONLY)​

Semester in Germany: Marburg  (SPRING ONLY)​ $9,700-$10,200​
Semester in Hungary: Szeged   (FALL)​​ $6,200-$6,700*​
Semester in Ireland: Limerick​   $14,100-$14,600 *​


Semester in New Zealand: Christchurch  


This cost estimate is based on accommodation at Ilam Apartments, which is a 21-week housing contract.

Semester in Poland: Krakow (SPRING ONLY, from 2016)​

​$6,700-7,200*​ for the Intensive Polish Option and $10,290-10,790* for the European Studies Option.


Semester in Spain: Valladolid   (SPRING ONLY) $10,400-$10,900
Variable: Student Teaching Abroad $6,700-$7,200*​
*NOTE: These programs do NOT include airfare, although we are happy to help you with finding a ticket. The cost of the ticket can be added to the overall program cost. You can then apply your financial aid to the program as a whole, including your airline ticket.
TUITION: Minnesota residents qualify for reciprocity. Residents of all states other than Wisconsin and Minnesota pay the WI tuition rate plus an additional $1,000 on semester abroad programs. (Short-term programs have a lesser surcharge for non-residents).
NOTE ON VISAS: Many countries require a visa in addition to a valid passport. Visa costs are not part of program costs--and they can be expensive--ranging from approximately $200 to over $500 depending on the country.



Wisconsin Resident ​Non-Resident
Tuition​ $3834.29
Single Room​ ​$2621.00 ​$2621.00
​Meal Plan (250) ​$1563.00 ​$1563.00
​TOTAL ​$8018.39 ​$11,804.87

​Some semester abroad programs are less or nearly equal to the price students pay to attend UWSP for one semester.