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Destinations! Ireland: Limerick                   

Fall Semester APPROXIMATE DATES   September 1 - December 20

Spring Semester APPROXIMATE DATES   January 25 - May 10

UW-Stevens Point students going to the University of Limerick will be immersed in the life of an Irish university student.  You can choose from most courses offered at the University during its regular semester.    Live in on-campus housing with Irish and international roommates.  When you have finished your semester, you will be able to say that you truly experienced university life in Ireland.

UWSP Course Equivalents:

There are a variety of modules at the University of Limerick approved for UWSP course credit.  This list does change, but the most recent chart can be accessed HERE​.

About the City of Limerick:  At the heart of the Shannon region in Ireland's Midwest, Limerick is a vibrant city of considerable historic and literary interest. Founded as a Viking fortress in the 10th century, it is Ireland's oldest chartered city. Restoration and urban renewal in Limerick have been implemented in recent years restoring King John's Castle and St. Mary's Cathedral.

About the University: The University of Limerick was established in 1972 on an old estate three miles from the city. It quickly gained a reputation for innovation and academic excellence among Irish universities. It has become a focus for awide range of artistic activity and is home to fine collections of Irish art, the Irish Chamber Orchestra, and the Irish World Music Center. Limerick is a great starting point for exploring Ireland. With breathtaking beauty and a long, dramatic history, the country is extremely attractive to students because of its renown in literature, film and popular music. The University of Limerick International Office organizes field trips to Dublin and western Ireland. Counties Clare, Cork, Galway, Kerry and Tipperary are all within a day's journey of Limerick.

For an excellent video on the University's International Week, be sure to click here.  It's a beautiful campus in a beautiful country and the video will certainly help you decide to study abroad in Ireland.

Application Deadline: Late applications can sometimes be accommodated if there are available positions. Please check with the International Programs Office for available positions.

Go to the Applications page to find out how to get an application.

More Information and Student Life

The University of Limerick campus is just a bit larger than UWSP. On the Limerick campus there are restaurants, a bookshop, full banking service, laundry facilities and sports and recreation facilities. There is also a modern dance company, a chamber orchestra and a national art collection. The University Sports & Recreation program offers instructed classes in over 60 different physical activities, ranging from archery to yoga. Study abroad students are also encouraged to get involved with some of the 70 student clubs and organizations.

The university offers residential villages specifically designed for Irish and international students. Individual two-story terraced houses of 6-8 bedrooms are arranged in landscaped courtyards in an attractive village style. Each house offers single study-bedrooms, a large kitchen/living room, two bathroom facilities, telephone, and cable TV.


Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and special students from all academic disciplines with academic focus, maturity, motivation, preparation and an international perspective. A minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is required. Attendance at orientation meetings is strongly recommended.


UWSP tuition for Wisconsin Residents (Minnesota students qualify for reciprocity, surcharge for other out-of-staters is ONLY $1000.) The estimated program cost includes full-time University of Limerick tuition, room and board, CISI insurance and administrative fees. Not included in this fee are the costs of a passport, books, personal expenses, local transportation, and airfare. Although international airfare is not included in the cost we will happily assist you to find a flight and add the cost to your final program bill. For information on how to book an airline ticket, please click here.

The University of Limerick’s International Office will provide support services the remainder of the semester.

Click here for latest price estimates.


Select courses from a wide variety of subject areas while remaining enrolled as a UWSP student.  You will be fully integrated into the normal semester courses at the University of  Limerick—but an important part of your pre-departure preparation is to work with the UWSP International Programs office to secure UWSP course and credit approvals.  Courses in this program may qualify to meet major or minor degree requirements.  Contact the International Programs Office to work out your course plan options.

Students select the courses from the University of Limerick's extensive offerings. A wide variety of subjects are available. In conjunction with UWSP International Programs, UWSP Admissions Office and the proper UWSP departments and colleges, students select classes, obtain syllabi and get the UWSP equivalencies for those courses before leaving for Ireland.

Students in this program transfer the courses back to UWSP, unlike our other semester abroad programs. Students enrolled in this program will accept the responsibility of verifying that the credits earned at the University of Limerick will be transferable (or applicable) to their own institution. It is imperative that students know when registering in Limerick how courses transfer back to UWSP.

For the current course catalog (Book of Modules), Click HERE.

 There are some modules already approved at UWSP with specific UWSP course numbers.  This list does change, but the most recent chart can be accessed HERE.

For more specific information on study abroad at the University of Limerick, click HERE.

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