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Refund Policy


When a participant withdraws from a program before departure or returns to the U.S. before completion of a program, the individual must communicate directly with UWSP International Programs as soon as possible to ensure all essential university procedures are followed and to receive the fullest refund possible.  Airlines and international service providers, including foreign universities and their affiliated agencies, often require advanced payments and impose large cancellation fees.  In case of a participant withdrawal, UWSP International Programs will strive to refund payments as much as possible to the individual, but UWSP International Programs is not liable for fees and charges imposed by partner agencies and universities. 
Students participating in the National Student Exchange(NSE) are subject to a different policy.  There is a non-refundable $40 application fee and also a non-refundable, or transferable, $400 administrative fee accessed on acceptance.  Thereafter, students are subject to cancelation fees are their host university for things such as housing, meals, books, etc. and also responsible for any applicable UWSP tuition charges.
UWSP International Programs does not purchase cancellation insurance for individual participants or programs.  Participants are encouraged to investigate trip cancellation insurance to determine if such insurance is in their best interest to purchase privately.  
Withdrawal before the Official Program Commences.
A.      Up to one hundred (100) days prior to the official program start date: UWSP International Programs will retain the non-refundable application fee and initial program payment.  Both fees are transferable ONCE and only to another UWSP International Program offering.
B.      In the period from one hundred (100) days to thirty-one (31) days prior to the official program start date: UWSP International Programs will assess penalties for any purchased or reserved transportation and accommodation arrangements as well as any other program expenditure incurred to the date of withdrawal.  The application and initial program payment are transferable in this period as outlined in point A.
C.      Thirty (30) days prior to the official program start date: UWSP International Programs will assess the penalties listed in point B and any instructional or arrangement costs that on-site providers assess UWSP International Programs.  The application fee is transferable once as outlined above, but the initial program payment is no longer transferable.
Withdrawal during Official Program:  Generally, no refund of any part of the program costs is possible.  
NOTE:  Individual participants are responsible for all expenses and fees charged for their participation.  Any outstanding payments due may be applied to the participant’s UWSP Billing Account.