​Interested in TV?

Have a dream to be on TV or work in broadcasting? SPTV has a wide variety of positions available for everyone. Whether it's working behind the camera or creating your own show, SPTV can help you do it. Send us an e-mail if you're interested here.


How ​To Get Involved

General Members

Join us at any General Member meeting to learn how you can get involved with SPTV! We are always looking for energetic students of any age that are interested in how you run a television station! Here is a short list of things that SPTV General Members can get involved with:

  • News Anchoring
  • Camera Operator
  • News Reporting
  • Show Producing
  • Editing using Final Cut Pro 
  • Floor Director
  • Create your OWN show!

Executive Staff

SPTV's Executive Staff is what keeps SPTV running behind the scenes and SPTV is always looking for outstanding talent to be involved as a member of SPTV's Executive Staff. The best way to be considered for a position is to be involved in SPTV as a general member, and show that you really are dedicated to SPTV. These are some of the positions on the executive staff:

  • General Manager
  • Production Manager
  • News Producers
  • Sports Producer
  • Live Events Coordinator
  • Promotions Director
  • Content Director
  • Business Director
  • Webmaster