We are pleased to inform you of the many scholarships that are offered for School of Health Care Professions students. These scholarships recognize academic excellence and assist deserving individuals who need financial help to continue their studies.

Even though the application process may be time-consuming, it is generally worth the effort. Please take time to read the General Scholarship Information that includes tips for applying for scholarships. The scholarship applications tend to be similar so the first one will take the longest and then it will become easier. 

It is important that you read the eligibility criteria and furnish ALL the required documentation. Be sure to follow these instructions to request a recommendation/reference from a School of Health Care Professions faculty member:

Complete a Faculty Recommendation Form and Letter of Recommendation Release Form when requesting a scholarship recommendation/reference from any faculty. Be sure to give the completed form to the faculty member when you are asking them to be a reference, or email the form to the faculty member after you personally ask the person for a recommendation/reference.

Make sure you have a current Personal Data Form in your file in the SHCP Office. These forms are used by faculty when writing letters of recommendation for CP applications, scholarships, etc. Be sure to include all your accomplishments! 

If you receive a scholarship, please let us know!! We like to share the good news. Good Luck!!! If you have any questions, please contact the SHCP Office.

 Scholarships​ ​ ​
Athletic Training Scholarships
Clinical Laboratory Science Scholarships
(Medical Technology, Cytotechnology, and Histotechnology​
Health Science Scholarships
(Health Care Administration, Health Care Informatics, Pre-Physical Therapy, Pre-Occupational Therapy)

Pre-Nursing Scholarships

Nursing Scholarships


The School of Health Care Professions offers annual scholarships for all School of Health Care Profession majors. Eligibility requirements are listed on the application.