Are you looking for a career that doesn’t see the need to separate the human element from the scientific process? Would you enjoy working in a rapidly evolving field that incorporates new technologies with innovative problem-solving techniques that will assist people to get better? If the answer is “yes,” our health science program may be exactly what you’ve been trying to find. Health science is a major designed to help you learn more about the many options available within the field of health care as well as prepare some students for graduate-level specialties.

The Health Science Major 
The Bachelor of Science in Health Science at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point will prepare you with an interdisciplinary and liberal arts foundation for a variety of professional careers within the health care system. The common core requirements emphasize the human, behavioral and physical sciences while fostering an appreciation for their complexities. Depending upon your professional goals you will select one of four specific options of study:

Health Care Administration Option. In hospitals, nursing homes, clinics and group medical practices, health care administrators manage the business of health care delivery. They may run a large medical facility or a single clinical department, but all are engaged in providing high-quality care as efficiently as possible.

When you choose the health care administration option, you’ll complete the core health science requirements plus coursework in accounting, business and human resource management, marketing, computer information systems and economics. When you graduate, you’ll be prepared for an entry-level job in health care management. However, you may also choose to go on to graduate school to earn the credentials needed to expand your career options. 

Health Care Informatics Option. Health care informatics integrates health care with computer technology. Electronic medical records, digital imaging, clinical decision making, medical research and billing systems all rely on information systems specialists.

When you choose the health care informatics option, you’ll become an effective problem-solving partner with other information technology professionals. Your coursework will consist of a liberal arts education with an emphasis in computer information systems and accounting.

Pre-Occupational Therapy Option. Occupational therapists work with people who have been disabled by physical illness or injury, birth defects, emotional disorders, aging, drug abuse or other problems. They work in hospitals, school systems and rehabilitation centers to facilitate therapeutic activities that help improve their patients’ everyday lives.

The health science degree with the pre-occupational therapy option will be your first step in leading to a career in occupational therapy. It’s considered a pre-professional degree because it prepares you for further study in graduate school. The second step is completion of a master’s degree in occupational therapy, which is the minimum degree required to get your license and become a practicing occupational therapist.

Pre-Physical Therapy Option. Physical therapists work in hospitals, clinics, nursing homes, schools, rehabilitation centers and other settings to evaluate physical problems and administer therapeutic treatments that help patients increase their flexibility and range of motion in order to improve overall physical functioning and health.

Choosing the pre-physical therapy option for your health science degree will prepare you for admission to a graduate program offering the doctorate in physical therapy (DPT) which is required before you can become a licensed physical therapist.

Special Opportunities 

You’ll have the chance to join the Sigma Mu Tau student organization which strives to develop social and professional interest in health care related fields among the student population at UW-Stevens Point. As a member, you will help with blood drives, raise funds for overseas orphanages and network with professionals in your field.

Your senior-level capstone course will pair you with a community agency on a challenging project involving research, problem solving and communication. Our capstone course locations have included: 

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"The health science major at UWSP is definitely worth all the hard work that is put into both your on-campus responsibilities and clinical practicum as you are given all the tools that you’ll need to succeed as a professional."

— Travis, '09