Army ROTC Scholarships

Benefits of joining ROTC:

  • ROTC scholarships pay for tuition and fees, up to $20,000 annually.
    • Current UWSP tuition for Wisconsin residents is $6,199.66/year.
    • Recipients may choose to apply the scholarship towards room and board.

  • ROTC pays a monthly tax free stipend for all contracted members.
    • Freshmen - $300
    • Sophomores - $350
    • Juniors - $450
    • Seniors - $500

  • ROTC pays a book payment of $1,200/annually.

  • ROTC adds a $350/month Kicker to GI Bill Payments—for prior military service members.

  • Commissioned Lieutenants have the option of joining the Active Duty, National Guard or Reserve forces after graduation.

  • Currently new Lieutenants earn around $46,000 a year with Basic Allowances.

  • Other benefits may also be available, including a $10,000 bonus.

How do I apply and qualify for a Scholarship?

  • Minimum of a 2.5 GPA and 19 ACT or higher
  • Complete a Medical Screening.
  • Have good strength and endurance.
  • Have the willingness to serve as an Army Leader after college.
  • Go to to apply online for the high school scholarship.

We invite all interested students to experience a Military Science class and see what it is all about (taking a class requires no commitment to the program).

If you would like scholarship or enrollment information about the ROTC program contact our main office at 715-346-3821 or by email at