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Residential Living

Room Floor Plans

All of our residence halls have undergone renovation over the past decade.  These renovations have included new roofs, new restroom facilities, upgraded wiring, installation of fiber optic connections for computers, and new furniture.

Since UWSP residence halls were constructed at about the same time, the rooms look very similar.  There are some variations, however, between and within  halls.  Please refer to the list below to find the representation that best matches your assigned room.

Baldwin Hall  

Burroughs Hall  

Hansen Hall  

Knutzen Hall  

May Roach Hall  

  • "standard" room (all rooms except those listed below as "converted lounge" rooms)

  • "nonstandard" room (room #s 101, 124, 201, 224, 251, 301, 324, 351, 401, 424, 451 )

  • The following rooms in May Roach Hall have vinyl flooring (vs. carpeting):  134, 204, 234, 254, 334, 434

Hyer Hall 

Neale Hall  

Pray-Sims Hall  

Smith Hall  

Steiner Hall  

Thomson Hall  

Watson Hall