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Residential Living

Living Options

Within the residence halls, we offer lifestyle and programming living options.  These options have been developed in response to residents’ requests in conjunction with the Residence Ha​ll Association​ (RHA).  Residents interested in proposing a new living option should contact their RHA representative.

A grid outlining the various living options and which halls house them is available here.

Quiet communities  All residence halls observe a basic set of quiet hours that are in force Sunday-Thursday, 10 p.m. to 9 a.m. and Friday-Saturday, midnight to 9 a.m.  Quiet communities follow a slightly more stringent quiet policy than the general residence hall policy:  Sunday-Thursday, 9 p.m. to 10 a.m. and Friday-Saturday, 11 p.m. to 10 a.m.  Residents assigned to a quiet community are required to sign a specialty living agreement when they arrive on campus.

Eco Hall  Located in Knutzen Hall, residents seek new and innovative ways to live in an environmentally friendly manner.  Residents have the opportunity to focus on environmental issues and concerns that face our community-locally and globally.  New in 2004, solar panels have been added to the roof of Knutzen Hall.

Language Hall  In Baldwin Hall, students have the opportunity to participate in social and cultural activities aimed at fostering Spanish and French language skills and cultural interests. 

Intercultural Program  Located in Pray-Sims Hall, this specialty living community provides programming that enhances relationships between American and international residents, creating a unique learning experience. 

Wellness Emphasis Program  Residents of this hall have the opportunity to pursue their personal wellness goals. Through programming, facilities, and a supportive environment of staff and peers, residents are encouraged to create and continue a balanced, healthy lifestyle.

Alcohol-Free Living Community  “Alcohol-free” is defined as an area where neither residents nor their guests (regardless of age) are allowed to possess or consume alcohol.  In addition, residents and guests must refrain from being present on the house with alcohol in their bodies.  As with other living options, residents are required to sign a specialty living agreement.  Alcohol-free communities are located on the first and second floors of Burroughs Hall; the third floor of Pray-Sims Hall; and the third and fourth floors of May Roach Hall.

University Break Accommodations  If you desire accommodations during university breaks (Thanksgiving, winter, and spring breaks), this option is for you.  Break housing accommodations are available to all hall residents, but those living in one of the break halls (Baldwin, Hyer, Knutzen, May Roach, Pray-Sims, Smith, Suites@201, and Thomson halls) will be able to stay in their regular room during break periods (individuals must pre-register).  There is an additional fee for break housing whether you live in a break hall or not (except for Hyer Hall and Suites@201).

Hyer Hall  Located just south of the campus’ Old Main Building, Hyer Hall offers single room, quiet hall accommodations with a less structured environment.  Residents of Hyer Hall, all of whom must be 21 years of age prior to the start of the fall semester, do not need to participate in a meal plan and may occupy their rooms during break periods at no additional charge.  (Winter break occupancy requires a contract for spring AND fall semesters.)

Suites@201  Offering apartment-style living to residents who have graduated from high school two or more years prior to residency, the Suites@201 are the perfect balance between on- and off-campus life.  Each suite is fully furnished and has a full kitchen, bathroom, living room and four private bedrooms.