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Residential Living

Residential Living Calendar

​5/18/13 ​Summer hall housing becomes available
​5/27/13 ​University offices closed - Memorial Day
​7/1/13 ​Last day to cancel housing contract for fall 2013 and receive $100 of $125 prepayment back (different policies apply to Suites@201 contractees - contact Residential Living for more information)
​7/4/13 ​University offices closed - Independence Day
​ ​
​ ​FALL 2013
​8/29/13 ​New UWSP students move in to residence halls

​Returning UWSP students move in to residence halls

​9/2/13 ​University offices closed - Labor Day
​9/3/13 ​First day of classes, fall term
​9/11/13 Week 2 room changes - same hall
​9/12-9/13/13 ​Week 2 room changes - any hall
​10/17/13 Week 7 room changes - any hall
​11/27/13 Halls close for Thanksgiving break, 6 p.m.

​Halls reopen after Thanksgiving break (Noon)

​12/1/13 ​​Last day for students who graduated from high school in or before 2011 to submit a housing contract for traditional residence halls (contracts will continue to be accepted for the Suites@201 and Hyer Hall on a space-available basis)
12/3/13 Room changes for spring semester (same hall only) - traditional halls
​12/4-12/12/13 ​Room changes for spring semester (any hall) - traditional halls
​12/3-12/12/13 Suites/bedroom changes for Suites@201
​12/9/13 ​UWSP students (registered for fall 2013) may select an on-campus room for spring 2014. Contract and $125 prepayment due at time of room sign-up.
​12/15/13 ​Last day to terminate spring housing contract and receive refund of prepayment ($125 for fall residents; $100 for students starting in spring 2013)


​Final Exams
​12/20/13 ​Halls close for winter break, time to be announced. Residents must vacate their rooms within 24 hours after their last final or by final closing on 12/20 - whichever comes first. All residents must complete closing tasks and return fall Saflok before departing.
​ ​
WINTER BREAK 2013-14​ ​
​12/3-19 ​Registration for winter break housing accepted at Residential Living Office
​12/20/13 ​Winter break housing begins
​1/2/14 ​First day of winterim classes
​1/17/14 ​Last day of winterim classes
​ ​
SPRING 2014​ ​
​1/19/14 ​Residence halls open for spring semester
​1/21/14 ​First day of classes, spring term
​1/29/14 Week 2 room changes - same hall
​1/30-31/14 Week 2 room changes - any hall Note: changes end on 1/31 at 1 p.m.
2/3/14 - Sign-up for Suites@201 for 2014-15 Note: review the link for specific dates
​TBD Sign-up for Hyer Hall for 2014-15
​3/6/14 Week 7 room changes - any hall
​3/14/14 ​Residence halls close for spring break, 6 p.m.
​3/23/14 ​Residence halls re-open, 10 a.m.
​TBD ​Hall sign-up for traditional halls (those other than Suites@201 and Hyer Hall) begins
​5/12-16/14 ​Final exams
​5/17/14 ​Halls close, 10 a.m.

Check here for information on the University's Academic Calendar