Employment (Student Staff)

Residential Living staff are committed to creating positive experiences for our residents and guests.  Throughout the year, Residential Living employs hundreds of students in a variety of positions - hall staff, custodial crews, summer conference staff, and other positions.

The position descriptions below are for in-hall staff positions which are available during the academic year (position descriptions for other positions are available on the web page for the term in which they are offered).  Please check the links in the column on the right for the most current information on positions for particular semesters/summer.

In-hall staff/academic year

  • Desk manager (DM)
  • Community adviser​ (CA)
  • Academic resource coordinator (ARC)
  • Freshman Interest Group academic resource coordinator (FIG ARC)
  • Environmental programmer (EP)
  • Language an​d cultural assistant​ (LCA)
  • Multi-cultural peer adviser (MPA)
  • Wellness adviser (WA)




​Please check below for position openings in the semester/summer indicated.