Hall sign-up 2016
Moving into the halls
from off-campus

UWSP students registered for spring 2016 who wish to live in a residence hall for fall 2016 can self-select their fall room assignment.

To do so:

  1. Pay your $125 housing prepayment.
  2. Submit your completed housing/dining services contract acceptance form either via the online contract option (available April 26 to May 20) OR not later than 24 business hours prior to the date you plan to select a room. Off-campus students can begin to select a room 24 hours after turning in a contract or beginning May 7, whichever is later; see Timeline for details.
  3. Go online to select your room for fall 2016. If you have a friend with whom you wish to live, you must have their UWSP ID# (and they must have a contract on file with us in advance) to select a room into which both of you may move. You will be sent a confirming email if your request is successfully processed - be sure to check your UWSP email account after making your selection.

If you are planning on living with someone who currently lives in the halls, please see Requesting a roommate for more information.

If you apply after May 20, you will be assigned by the housing program along with new students. All assignments are made on a first-applied, first-assigned basis.



(valid until June 17, 4 p.m.)



Making your prepayment

Requesting a roommate

Selecting a new room

Selecting a meal plan

Moving into the halls
from off-campus




Contact Residential Living
(715-346-3511 or resliv@uwsp.edu)



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