Moving into the halls
from off-campus

UWSP students registered for spring 2014 who wish to live in a residence hall for fall 2014 can self-select their fall room assignment.

To do so:

  1. Pay your $125 housing prepayment.
  2. Submit your completed housing/dining services contract acceptance form to Residential Living not later than 24 business hours prior to the date you plan to select a room. Off-campus students can begin to select a room 24 hours after turning in a contract or beginning May 5, whichever is later; see Timeline for details.
  3. Go online to select your room for fall 2014. If you have a friend with whom you wish to live, you must have their UWSP ID# (and they must have a contract on file with us in advance) to select a room into which both of you may move. You will be sent a confirming email if your request is successfully processed - be sure to check your UWSP email account after making your selection.

If you are planning on living with someone who currently lives in the halls, please see Requesting a roommate for more information.

Accommodations for individuals eligible to live off-campus for fall 2014 are guaranteed only if you apply on or before June 1.

(valid April 2-25 for spring 2014 hall residents only) 

(valid April 30-May 16)



Making your prepayment

Requesting a roommate

Selecting a new room

Selecting a meal plan

Moving into the halls
from off-campus




Contact Residential Living
(715-346-3511 or