Residential Living

Break Housing

Housing accommodations are available during all academic year breaks - Thanksgiving, winter break and spring break.

Preregistration is strongly recommended. To reserve break space, you must complete a registration form at the Residential Living Office. Residents of break halls (see below) can complete an online reservation form that will be available closer to the break period.

Where you will stay during break is dependent upon your current assignment (for winter break, your spring room assignment is considered your "current" assignment) and which halls are open for that break.

Typically, Baldwin, Hyer, Knutzen, May Roach, Pray-Sims, Smith, Suites@201 and Thomson are open during breaks.

There is an additional cost for these accommodations. (There is no charge to residents of Hyer Hall or Suites@201; these fees are included in the semester charges for those halls.)

Residents of Hyer Hall and Suites@201 do not need to register for break housing (note that individuals seeking winter break housing in these halls must have an active spring housing contract on file to qualify for accommodations during this break).

Preregistration for break periods begins the first of the month in which the break falls:

  • Thanksgiving break: November 1
  • Winter break: December 1
  • Spring break​: ​March 1