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Office of the Registrar

General Education Abbreviations

General Education Program (GEP) Beginning Fall 2013

ART Arts
ER Environmental Responsibility
XL Experiential Learning
FYS First Year Seminar
GA Global Awareness
HP Historical Perspectives
HU Humanities
IS Interdisciplinary Studies
NSC Natural Sciences
OC Oral Communication
QL Quantitative Literacy
SS Social Sciences
USD US Diversity
WLN Wellness
WC Written Communication

General Degree Requirements (GDR) 

COMM Communication
EL Environmental Literacy
ENGL Freshman English
FL Foreign Language
HI History
HU1 Humanities area 1
HU2 Humanities area 2
HU3 Humanities area 3
HU4 Humanities area 4
MATH Mathematics
MNS Minority Studies
NS Natural Science
NW Non-Western
SS1 Social Science category 1
SS2 Social Science category 2
WLAA Wellness/Aerobic Activity
Wellness/Health Enhancement