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Future Plans of Bachelor's Degree Recipients


Survey Administration Process

Method: Graduating seniors were surveyed during distribution of tassels two weeks prior to spring 2013 commencement.

Sample Size and Response Rate: A total of 1296 degrees were awarded; 919 students completed the survey for a response rate of 71% and generated 1246 responses.

Results (Spring 2013 Graduates)

​What is most likely to be your principal activity upon graduation? (multiple response choices allowed)
​​Employment, full time paid 663 55%
​​Employment, part time paid ​145 ​12%
​Graduate or professional school, full time


​​Graduate or professional school, part time ​50 4%
​Additional undergraduate coursework ​40 ​3%
​Military Service ​15 ​1%
​​Volunteer activity (e.g., Peace Corps) ​50 4%
​Starting or raising a family ​65 ​5%
​​Other ​53 3%



More Information

85% of UWSP graduates become employed or are enrolled in further studies within a year of graduation.

Check out the reports from UWSP Career Services to find out more.