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Institutional Research and Effectiveness Office

UWSP Survey Guidelines

  1. All UWSP employees and students shall notify the UWSP Survey Clearinghouse of their intent to conduct campus-wide surveys.  Campus-wide means that the entire student, faculty or staff population is being sampled or the entire population is being surveyed.  This policy does not pertain to department surveys of their majors or alumni or other small surveys, such as surveys conducted by students as class projects or surveys conducted by faculty in their classes. 
  2. The following information shall be provided the Institutional Research and Effectivenss Office at PRIOR to launching the survey.

      • Who is conducting the survey?  Name?  Unit/Department/Organization?  Phone number?  Email?
      • Who is being surveyed—faculty, academic staff, all students, senior students, classified staff?
      • Will surveys be distributed to the whole population or to a sample?  If sampling will be used, how will the sample be selected and how large will it be?
      • What is the focus of the survey—student satisfaction, staff needs assessment, perceptions of classroom climate?
      • How will the survey be administered—mail, web, email, interviews, in-class?
      • When will the data collection begin?
      • When will the data collection end?
      • Does your survey require IRB approval?  If yes, has it been approved?

  3. This information will be collected via a web form and posted to the Survey Clearinghouse website, public folder, and event calendar.  Notifications will be deleted from the website as surveys are completed.  They will not be deleted from the public folder.  The public folder will serve as a historical record of survey activity.

  4. Survey priority is on a first-come first-served basis determined by the date the intent to survey is posted to the Survey Clearinghouse.

  5. Surveys of the same population shall not be scheduled at the same time as surveys that have already been posted without contacting the person (s) who has/have already scheduled a survey (s) to determine whether it is acceptable to them to conduct two or more surveys at the same time.

  6. The Provost/Vice Chancellor of Academic Affairs and the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs shall appoint one person each to resolve any conflicts over conducting surveys.

  7. The Director of Institutional Research shall monitor postings to the Survey Clearinghouse website and delete postings from the website once surveys are completed.

  8. These guidelines shall be published to the Survey Clearinghouse public folder and website and posted to the student and staff message of the day at the beginning of each fall and spring semester.

  9. Anyone having information about off-campus individuals/organizations planning to survey on campus shall post whatever information is available to the Clearinghouse.

  10. Do not send a campus-wide mailing or a mailing to extremely large groups of people without first checking with the email administrator <>.  Sending an unauthorized mailing may result in lost of email privileges.  Please see for additional information on UWSP electronic mail policies.