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Institutional Research and Effectiveness Office

2009-2010 UWSP Survey Schedule

Fall ​ ​ ​ ​ ​ ​

​Date Notified

Principle Investigator


​Sample  Size

​Survey Admin.

​Survey Begins

​Survey  Ends

04-01-09Shari Ellertson

​College Student Characteristics Inventory

​Entering Freshmen


​Paper/ Pencil

​10-06-09​Andy Letson​SGA Referendum

​All Students

​10-07-09​Mark Hayes​Dining Services Survey         ​Students​Population​Web​10-27-09​11-03-09
​10-16-09​Julie Zsido &  Ben Wilkes​Residential Living EBI​Students in the halls​Population​Paper/ Pencil​10-16-09​11-10-09
Spring ​ ​ ​ ​

Date  Notified

​Principle Investigator

​Title​Subjects​Sample Size

​Survey Admin.

​Survey Begins

Survey Ends

11-18-09​Bo DeDeker & SGA​Banking Survey​Students​Population​Web​01-25-10​01-29-10
​01-19-10​Anna Haines​Livable Communities and 3rd Places​StudentsSample​Web​03-16-10​04-06-10
​03-01-10Mark Hayes​​Dining Services Survey           ​All Students​Population​Web​03-08-10​03-14-10
​03-04-10​Greg Summers​GEPRC Faculty and Staff Course Interest​Faculty and Staff​Population​Web​03-08-1003-17-10​
​03-10-10​Kelsey McCoy​Counseling Center Services Needs Assessment​Students​Population​Web​03-29-10​04-19-10
​04-12-10​Rachelle Fawcett​SGA Comm.                        ​Students​Population​Web​04-18-10​04-23-10
​04-22-10​Jeff Morin          (w/ Learn @ UW Exec Committee)​Faculty and Instructional Staff Online Teaching, Learning and Services Survey​Faculty and Staff​Population​Web​04-27-10​05-07-10