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						Institutional Research and Effectiveness Office
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Institutional Research and Effectiveness Office

How We Decide Survey Participation  

Institutional Research and Effectiveness Office, along with colleagues in Enrollment Management and University Relations, considers the following questions arewhen evaluating whether UWSP should participate in an external survey:

  • Is there a benefit to our institution by participating? 

  • Does the survey goals or information map back to our core institutional values?  

    • For example, sustainability and the Princeton Review Green Rankings. 

  • Is there a professional affiliation that is important to maintain?  

    • e.g., NSF or Department of Education 

  • What is the funneling stream of information output from the survey and how accurately is our institutional data portrayed? 

  • Are students using this survey information in selecting their college and is the student interface user friendly? 

  • Are their methodologies sound and appropriate?  

    • e.g., Forbes Business School survey uses ratings for student satisfaction with faculty. 

  • Is the survey's institution interface user friendly? Are the questions aligned closely to the common data set? 

  • Does our absence in participation infer anything about our institution?