Release the Sunbird's "Come Back to Us All": a Review
Dylan Shanahan
Release the Sunbird has come forth with one of the most chill albums I’ve ever heard. The songs all have a fleeting style to them, like they’re almost fading away from you and each song is rectifying their final words. The album seems to share a story of unhappiness or regret but is spun in a way that can’t help but make you smile.

A very wide variety of riffs and rhythms on guitar, physical sound effects and synthesized ambience gives it a very, very chill indie image. It comes across as a confident exploration in the definition of music, because its song structures are very sporadic yet unafraid in doing so. At times it can lead to a confused sense of what’s going on, but I think that’s actually what they’re aiming for and I think that’s very important.

They’ve obviously set their boundaries around this fluent, low tempo—a chillness that most definitely separates them from the pack. The exceedingly delightful aspect of the album is that all their songs sound different but remain in the same realm of chillness. It’s really hard to pick the best songs off the album because I feel like each song is great in its own way.

I really like the album overall. Being indie and not getting obnoxious is no  easy feat and they accomplish it with such effortless eloquence that it’s definitely worth the listen.