Outdoor EdVentures opens back up for students
Nate Enwald
The University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point Outdoor EdVentures shop has re-opened for students to rent outdoor activities equipment in the Allen Center’s basement, room 002.

The shop’s manager and Recreational Activities Coordinator Mike Pickenbrock, who was hired on June 20, has spent the past few months getting the rental program back up and running and buying new equipment and gear, such as a stand-up paddle board, two kayaks, cookware, new sleeping bags and a number of tents.

"We’re really excited about getting the rental program built back up and getting the word back out to students that we are back up and running, and we’re here as a resource to them," Pickenbrock said.

Every Tuesday EdVentures is having a campfire out in front of the Allen Center to raise awareness about their re-opening, providing those who join them with free s’mores.

While the University Centers is providing funding for the program to open, to secure their place on campus and future growth, students need to use their equipment regularly.

Students may also be looking forward to a few extra outdoor trips to consider for spring breaks or summer vacations.

"We’re trying to build up our trips program. My hope is that in a couple of years I can have it built up to a point where I can be taking students to the bottom of the Grand Canyon over spring break, for instance," Pickenbrock said.

As of now the trips are done locally. Pickenbrock said he takes students on paddle-trips down the Plover River and would like to host a ski trip somewhere in the area this winter.

Canoes sit on a trailer, waiting to be rented from the   
Outdoor Edventures Program. Photo by Samantha Feld

Renting equipment from the program is a simple process. All students need to do is reserve what gear they need for their upcoming trip, fill out an agreement form and pay small rental fees.

Pickenbrock stated that depending on what you rent and for how long the rates vary, they have day rates, three-day rates (for a weekend) and seven day rates.

For example, to rent a canoe for one day is $20; if students also need a two-man tent with the canoe for the day, it’s an extra $6. Or if students would like to have a bonfire, to rent a kit that includes the fire pit, two buckets of wood, roasting sticks, a water hose and a pudgy pie maker is $20 a night.

Also, if students are simply looking for information on local parks or possible outdoor activities, the EdVentures Center has a library of pamphlets, books and maps to look over.

"I would really encourage students to just drop on in and check out the gear we have and what we do over here," Pickenbrock said.
Their office is open Monday through Saturday, 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

For more information on the program visit their website at www. uwsp.edu/centers/healthwellness/ outedven/ or visit their Facebook page.