Why Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Owns 'Call of Doody's' Multiplayer
Nate Enwald
Am I the only one sick of running around in circles and getting shot in the back? Seriously, the last time I played Call of Duty MW2 all I remember was constantly getting fragged out in the back of the head. But I’m sure it had nothing to do with the circular maps or lack of any structure to the environments.

I was once an avid Call of Duty fan; but I fell off the COD bandwagon after the utter failure that was named "Black Ops." It doesn’t even matter that it was a Tetrarch production, the Call of Duty formula is old and worn out.
I don’t care if they fixed some bugs, beefed up graphics, or made some minor tweaks for the newest installment. Simply put, it’s just a reiteration of all of its predecessors and quite frankly lacks the innovation and quality of its competitor Battlefield 3.
In every respect, battlefield is a better game and worth every penny spent. Let’s examine:

I know it’s a weird place to start, but it is quite honestly what I love most about this game. The sound is impeccable, rich, and layered. I call it the "music of war." All the shouting, the gunfire crackling in the distance and right next to your head, tank engines roaring, explosives punching through the air, debris crumbling off buildings, bullets whizzing by, jets piercing the sound barrier, mortars whistling, and your soldier’s heavy breath as he grows weary from running come together in a symphony of terror and blood. It’s glorious.

Again, blows the COD franchise out of the water. It’s diverse and balanced. With the implementation of specific yet customizable classes the player really has to form certain strategies to win the match. The scouts can either be geared up to snipe long distances or be set up to run in and get behind enemy lines to plant equipment. Or the Assault class can be set up to hit hard or heal and revive your teammates.

Team play is key in BF3, and you are rewarded handsomely for it. No more running off all Rambo style to single-handedly take a flag or stab the entire enemy team in the back, teamwork is the only way to get things done. Let’s not forget the use of vehicles and aircraft. At first the idea had me concerned that having vehicles in multiplayer match would be unbalanced, but Dice Entertainment really took their time making sure that everything has its strengths AND weaknesses. For example, the tank is…well…a tank, and does what tanks do best: kill everything.

However, an engineer can whip out his Javelin launcher and bust it up, or perhaps a craft support gunner could sneak behind it and plant some C4. Everything has its purpose, and if used correctly can earn you lots of points to level up your class selection or overall rank, as well as provide for some gruesome watering hole tales.

They are beautiful and detailed. Granted, there are a few glitches here and there where a uniform comes up funky looking of a character is half in a wall. Those do happen, even if they are rare. Aside from that the environments are rich and come alive. One thing that adds a whole new level of awesome is the completely destructible surroundings. Have an enemy squad camping in a house giving you trouble? Hop in a tank and bring the whole thing down on their heads. And when the dust clears, wander over and gloat over their mangled corpses in the wreckage.

Lastly, the draw of the visuals is of epic proportions. It is best witnessed from a helicopter or a jet high up in the sky, smoke rising in the distance over rolling desert hills, or on some maps you can see a city off in the distance with a huge battle raging. Sometimes I find myself distracted from the mission at hand and just watching the back-drops of the game.

So put down your tired and over-formulized COD and trade it in for BF3. You won’t regret it. Personally, I’ll never look back.