Where & How Do You Learn?
"Learning spaces need to stimulate thinking. They can be loud or quiet, crowded or sparse. They are effective as long as they stimulate, motivate, and keep people thinking," (Herman Miller, 2011).

College campuses are transforming in a radical way from formal, individualized work and study spaces to collaborative epicenters that seek to engage students, promote them to work together and that can change based upon the technology and needs of the space at any given time. Lounge spaces and community areas are increasing, mobile or integrated technology is in high demand with the use of iPhones, iPads, iPods, laptops, etc…often all of them being used by a single student at one time; the quiet study spaces are transitioning into café settings bringing in the "Starbucks" mentality of working in an atmosphere of increased socialization rather than an isolated study space.
Photo courtesy of lusi.www.sxc.hu
The question becomes: "Where do you learn best?" What is your "Hub" so to speak that allows you to feel engaged to your work, to the people around you? It could be the Basement Brewhaus, the many University Center lounge spaces, the LRC, or even in your own room. Do you need your favorite tunes playing in the background or complete silence? Every generation of students is different, bringing a multitude of learning styles and preferences to the campus. The challenge is to have spaces that meet each one of these needs making you, the students, as effective and successful as possible.

Please send your feedback on how you learn to: cnick@samuelsgroup.net. Your responses will remain anonymous, but will be featured in a future article with other fun and interesting facts related to the many ways in which learning styles are dictating the many changes on campuses nationwide.