UWSP Cheer and Stunt Team Takes First Place at Nationals
Kyle Florence

stunt-1-uwsp cheer-stunt.jpgThe University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point Cheer and Stunt Team took first place at the Cheerleaders of America Ultimate Nationals Tournament in Orlando, Fla. over spring break.

“The first day we had an okay performance, but I knew it could be better. We had a couple falls, which always affect your score a lot. But the second day they did amazing,” said head coach Sue Poeschl.

Senior Austin Loveless agrees with Poeschl.

“We went to Florida and competed against a team from Kansas, and we weren’t really sure what to think of them since it’s a two-day tournament, but we were told after the first day that it was very close,” Loveless said. “Day two was one of those things where we were trying to make sure we were in the zone, and we ended up doing really well with our routine.”

According to Poeschl, who was recently inducted into The Cheerleading Hall of Fame, the team’s final performance was undoubtedly their best of the entire season.

“I waited for that kind of performance all year. We’d always been close to it, but finally it happened,” Poeschl said.

Senior Staci Schneider said that winning this competition was the highlight of her college cheerleading career. Schneider attributed much of this victory to Poeschl’s coaching.

“We knew throughout the season what we were capable of. Being a senior, it was the best feeling and the perfect way to end my senior year,” Schneider said. “Sue really turned the program here at Point around and made us a lot more competitive.”

Still, Poeschl insists the team’s success stems from their unrelenting commitment to the sport.

“The kids are fantastic to work with. They’re hard workers, they want to do good, and they really put their heart and soul into it,” Poeschl said.

Like Loveless and Schneider, freshman Reann Dvorscek was also pleased with the way the team performed in Orlando.

“The most fun part of nationals was probably just hitting that clean routine. It’s really an indescribable feeling. It’s total euphoria,” Dvorscek said.

Dvorscek considers this experience motivation to keep improving while at UWSP.

“For college teams, you don’t see a lot of teams out of your own state, so it was sort of a nice way to see what’s out there and how we compare to those teams,” Dvorscek said. “It really shows what we’re capable of, and hopefully we’ll only get better throughout the year.”

Poeschl is equally optimistic for the future.

“We’re hoping that next year we’ll go someplace else, and they’ll be a lot of competition,” Poeschl said. “I think we’re going to be a team that people are going to look up to in the state. I don’t know if we’re there yet, but that’s the point we want to get to. We want to be the team that everyone wants to sit and watch.”

Students interested in becoming a member of the UWSP Cheer and Stunt team are urged to attend tryouts for the upcoming fall semester on April 27 and 28. For more information, contact Sue Poeschl at sue.poeschl@yahoo.com.