Trivia Events Kick-Off
Aaron Krish

The world’s largest trivia contest is kicking off its 44th anniversary starting with a Beatles tribute concert featuring local bands Thursday, April 11 at 7:30 p.m. in the Brewhaus.

“The number of people participating has been decreasing the last few years and we really want to get people excited about the event,” said 90FM Program Director Mitchel De Santis. “ Students know about it and know what it is, but they don’t really know what it’s all about is what we gathered.”

90FM is working closely with the Brewhaus to bring in three local bands that will each be covering multiple Beatle songs throughout the night. De Santis hopes that this event pushes students and the community to participate in the trivia contest that takes place two weeks after the event.

“Not only will we be having local bands playing at the event, but Jim Oliva, the trivia coordinator, will be the emcee of the concert and will be asking trivia questions in between songs and giving out prizes as a way to promote the event,” De Santis said.

For teams that have decided already that they are participating, De Santis explained that they have an opportunity to enter a drawing that will take place at the end of the concert to receive free registration for the trivia contest.

Being involved and attending the tribute concert is only the beginning. Being a part of a world record-breaking event on the University of Wisconsin – Stevens Point campus is something that is held near and dear to those who plan the event and participate.

“At 54 straight hours and with more than 11,000 participants, you can be a part of WWSP 90FM’s world record-breaking trivia contest,” De Santis said.

90FM’s Trivia contest dates back to the 1969-70 academic year at UWSP. Originally the contest started with 16 teams and went on for 16 hours and has now grown to over 400 teams participating all over the world.

“Trivia is more than just a game. It creates excitement and rekindles friendship,” said Trivia Chairperson Jim “The Oz” Oliva. “Essentially everyone wins.”

The contest alone consists of eight questions asked over the 90FM airwaves each hour. Each team is given the time between two songs to respond to each question where they have one attempt to call in their answers to the station. Running questions are also included requiring participants to gather information about specific locations in Stevens Point.

While much of the contest is carrying on old traditions, De Santis explained that the station is especially excited to kick off the contest with new ideas and events, including the Beatles tribute concert. Local bands like The Hi-Matics, Haunter, and Farmer Dave & The Crops will be performing.

“This year is the time to join 90FM and the Stevens Point community for the largest Trivia contest this side of the galaxy. Make a vacation out of it,” De Santis said.

The Beatles tribute concert is free and open to the public in the DUC Brewhaus. The Trivia contest begins Friday, April 19 and ends Sunday, April 21 at midnight. If you have additional questions about the Trivia contest as a whole, please contact Mitchel De Santis or 90FM.