Tips for Next Year’s Undergraduates
As we celebrate and congratulate this year’s graduates, we must also keep the future in mind, and that means another class of incoming freshmen and more hard work for undergraduates. Here is some advice that may help you maximize your success and get the most out of college.
1. Get involved with student organizations.
You might feel overwhelmed balancing classes, work, family and your social life, but this is something I can’t stress enough. There are so many student organizations to get involved with on this campus, which can translate into new friends and valuable experience. Whether it’s an organization based around a hobby, or something that can help you get ready to be a professional in your field, these organizations are loaded with opportunity to strengthen your social life, and if you work really hard you can find some employment by becoming an officer. Involvement with organizations like these can add a lot to your resume and give you experience that makes you more attractive to potential employers.
2. Don’t put everything off until the last minute.
This is one of the easiest traps to put yourself into, and one of the hardest habits to break. It’s something you’ve heard before, but coming from someone with experience in putting things off, I have to add this to the list.

Getting started early will maximize your potential on anything you work on. Not only will you save yourself from added stress, you’ll put better work together and give yourself more time to evaluate whatever it is you put your name on. If you’re a person who does this more than you would care to admit, remember that next year brings a fresh chance to break the habit and stop putting things off until the last minute.
3. Research your professors before you choose your courses.
This is especially important for underclassmen. While some courses and professors will be required by your major, most of the time, you’ll have choices. Professors evaluate us with exams and grades, but students have measuring sticks of their own. Student Government Association has worked hard for us to have the ability to view teacher evaluations online, which can be very valuable. Remember that your motive shouldn’t be selecting professors that will be "easier," but rather, choosing the ones that you think you’ll take the most away from. Challenging classes will be more rewarding and will give you more value as you pursue your degree.