The U.S. Bank and SGA Scholarship
Rachel Pukall

The Student Government Association at the University of Wisconsin - Stevens Point is offering a scholarship opportunity through U.S. Bank on campus.

SGA Vice President Shantanu Pai, a senior majoring in waste manage­ment, says there is a contract between the student government and the U.S. Bank on campus if that allows the bank to have a space in the Dreyfus University Center.

“There is a flat-rate dollar value that goes into the fund when a cer­tain percentage of students link their PointCard to their U.S. Bank account,” Pai said. “This is the third year we have disbursed the scholar­ship under this current contract.”

The money remains in the account until SGA gives it to students who apply for the scholarship. The schol­arship is then reviewed by a student committee.

Scholarships are awarded to out­standing students who contribute to the university environment in one of three ways: academic merit, universi­ty service and involvement, or inclu­sive excellence and diversity efforts.

Applicants for the merit award must have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5 and show some type of involvement or success in their aca­demic field. Students applying for the service-based award must dis­play some type of service on campus. This can include involvement in stu­dent organizations, employment or volunteer work. All applicants are also required to submit a response explaining why they believe they are qualified. Applicants for the inclusiv­ity-based award must include infor­mation about how their background has contributed to diversity at UWSP.

“Twenty students can receive this scholarship, worth $500 each, and any returning student with at least two semesters left at UWSP is eli­gible,” Pai said.

The scholarship deadline is March 22 by 5 p.m. Applications can be found here on the SGA webpage.