The Tryout: Part II
Will Rossmiller - twitter@willrossmiller

It has to be done after every fall baseball tryout, but that doesn’t mean it gets any easier for head coach Pat Bloom and his coaching staff.

A total of 19 cuts were made after the tryouts. This may not seem like a lot of players, but just think. Those are 19 players that were told they weren’t quite good enough, that their best effort couldn’t help them crack the roster.

It’s unfortunate, but it has to happen as the Pointer baseball team continues its offseason program this fall. “It’s one of the most challenging things to do as a coach,” Bloom said. “It’s very humanizing.”

Don’t think the cut players were not of high talent, as Bloom believes that many of the players could make other Division III baseball rosters.

“It’s very competitive here. There are some places they could definitely make a team,” Bloom said.

Now the team moves to a four-week period where they carry 41 players through a developmental period where they can be put through team situations.

The team practices Monday through Wednesday for two and a half hours and scrimmages on Thursdays.

At the end of the four-week period, Bloom has to make some more tough decisions since he has to shave four or five more players off the team.

Junior infielder Sam Arnott made it through the first cuts for the third season in a row. “The tryouts went well. It’s exciting to see the new talent a program like the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point brings in every year, and it’s always fun to compete with new guys,” Arnott said.

Arnott is happy to make the first cut, but knows that the real work starts now. “Now it’s about improving for the spring, but also battling for a spot on the roster or a spot on the field,” Arnott said.

After being cut the last two seasons Arnott knows how it feels, but offers some encouragement.

“It’s all part of the process, but be proud that you took the chance of putting yourself out there to be evaluated and completed a tough four days of baseball,” Arnott said.

Freshman outfielder Bryton Guckenberg also made it through the first cuts. The tryouts

went well,” said Guckenberg. “I wasn’t quite sure what to expect so I thought it was pretty good.”

“I am really learning a lot from the returning players and Coach Bloom, and I am glad I chose to come to Stevens Point even though it is so far from my home in Montana,” Guckenberg said.

Sophomore David Newman was one of the 19 players cut and had no comment, but coach Bloom spoke great praise of Newman.

“David is the kind of guy that comes up to you and thanks you for the chance to play,” said Bloom. “I wish all of our players could have the attitude that David had.”

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