The Pointer for You - A Letter from the Editor
Nathanael Enwald

nateFace.JPGThis past weekend The Pointer editorial staff, including myself, traveled to the National Associated Colligate Press Conference in San Francisco where The Pointer Newspaper was awarded 10th place in the Best of Show competition.

This is a national award out of hundreds of college newspapers. In essence, this means that UWSP’s very own newspaper is ranked in the top 10 of the country. First and foremost my thanks goes to my staff, without their hard work and dedication this could not have been accomplished.

I feel that their passion for improving our publication has officially paid off and I hope they are proud of what we’ve accomplished. The Pointer has started its rise from the dust of obscurity and once re-entering the realm or respectability.

I have another thanks to make. I thank you, the reader. Without you there wouldn’t be a need for our newspaper. A publication without readers is not a publication, and our readership has been growing.

I think this would be a good time to bring up something that has been itching at me. I’d like you all to know that I’ve published every letter to the editor I’ve received. Unfortunately, that hasn’t been many. That upsets me.

I’m not upset at you, the readers, but rather the cultural shift that’s made journalism a one-way street. Journalists write stories; you read them, the cycle ends. I think that should change.

Ideally, I want my paper to be an open forum of thoughts and ideas. I had one student tell me he thought we wouldn’t publish a letter he wanted to write because it was in direct opposition to an article we wrote. I’ll tell you what I told him, I encourage opposition.

Opposition begets discussion. Discussion begets learning. Learning begets wisdom. Not to say that for something to be productive it must be in opposition to a point, what I’m saying is don’t be afraid to submit to us.

I want my inbox blasted with letters and passionate opinions; I want to know you’re all alive. It’s discouraging to me that this is a college campus and our opinion section is light each week. I’ve had offers of things to fill the section with other subject material but I’m hesitant. I want that space for you.

Of course I can’t promise everything will make it into the paper or onto the website. Personal attacks, intolerance, and unprofessionalism will not be tolerated. But that should be a given. Besides, you’re submitting something to be published. People such as future employers, can Google your name and will be able to see it. Take pride in your thoughts, present them well.

That’s my challenge to you. My email is above. Our email is in the front of the paper. Get opinionated.