Taste of Wisconsin Offers Tasty Opportunities
Kyle Florence

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This past Friday in the Dreyfus University Center, students were able to take a mouthwatering look at our Wisconsin heritage at the annual event aptly titled Taste of Wisconsin.

“Taste of Wisconsin is an annual event that showcases different food and drink lines from around the state,” said Operations Coordinator Myriah Otto. “The main purpose is educational, to show people what’s being made here in Wisconsin.”

Otto explained that the event is a longtime University of Wisconsin- Stevens Point tradition, which was start­ed almost fifteen years ago and has grown considerably since.

“The event first started in 1998 showcasing the Stevens Point Brewery, but currently we’re up to 32 different vendors, which is probably the biggest the event will ever be,” Otto said.

Deanna Deisling, a UWSP alumnus who has organized Taste of Wisconsin in the past, returned on Friday and was pleased with this year’s showcase and its turnout.

“Everything is super well organized, and the turnout actually exceeded my expectations,” Deisling said. “There’s quite a few breweries here that I didn’t think we’re able to get here.”

Kurt White, also a returning alumnus, shared a similar sentiment.

“I’m all about Wisconsin,” said White. “I love supporting my home state, and I think it’s pretty sweet that UWSP students have this kind of opportunity so close to home.”

Claire Riordan, a junior at UWSP, was also pleased with the event.

“I really like beer,” said Riordan. “I’m a home-brewer myself, so it’s a lot of fun to be able to talk to the other brewers and get their take on things.”

Taste of Wisconsin also serves as a valu­able marketing event for the attending ven­dors, especially those whose products may not normally reach Stevens Point students.

Marc Buttera, the president and found­er of the locally run Oso’s Brewing Co., has been attending the event for two years now and said that he “wouldn’t miss it.”

“Tonight’s been just great,” Buttera said. “We’re getting a lot of people who are getting to try our stuff for the first time— hopefully, they’ll like it and continue to buy from us in the future.”

According to Otto, students should make every effort to attend Taste of Wisconsin in the future, as it is fun, educa­tional, and reasonably priced.

“Twenty dollars may seem like a lot at first, but when you look at all you’re getting, you realize it really is worth the money,” Otto said. “It’s educational and a good way to drink socially and have fun.”