Student Legal Services
Rachel Pukall

The Student Government Association is sponsoring legal services for students who attend the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

Jan Roberts, the attorney on campus, is happy to offer advice on things such as landlord and tenant concerns, off campus tickets, and family issues.

“I like helping people get through a legal problem, however I cannot provide any legal advice on topics that go against UWSP or the UW-System,” Roberts said. “For example, if a student falls on the ice in the campus parking lot, I can’t assist them.”

Ryan Specht, the Student Life Issues Director of SGA, says that you must be a student to use her services.

“There was a female student once that brought her boyfriend in to talk to the lawyer, but he wasn’t a UWSP student, so she couldn’t help him,” Specht said.

Most of the issues that Roberts deals with include landlord/tenant rights and responsibilities, automobile accidents, speeding tickets, and family issues, such as divorce, child support, and custody.

“One student came to me because the roof above her bedroom had caved in. I was able to help her get reimbursed for the damages,” Roberts said.

Roberts also deals with quite a few criminal cases, such as possession of marijuana.

“A lot of problems relate to alcohol abuse. It is a problem that we need to get under control, because students would have a lot less legal issues,” Roberts said. “Binge drinking is big in Wisconsin, and especially in Portage County. I try to steer students in the right direction and get them the treatment they need. I want them to learn from their experiences.”

Appointments are thirty minutes long and cost $5 at the Information and Tickets desk.

“I am also willing to meet during breaks and in the summer time. I love meeting all the people I come in contact with and helping them with their legal issues, and if a student needs a follow up session, that is free of charge,” Roberts said.

Roberts’ office is located in room 106B of the Allen Center. Roberts is usually available on Thursday nights and students can make appointments online at the Student Legal Services website