Stressed Much?
Monica Lenius
Final exams. These two little words conjure up images of sleep-deprived students clutching coffee and others gripping their hair in frustration. This is not how it has to be though. Whether you’re a final exam veteran or an amateur, listen up and repeat after me: finals do not have to be that bad.

It really comes down to three things: preparation, attitude (as in relax) and sleep.

"I’ve had to stay up all night listening to Tech N9ne and cramming for finals," said William Schachtschneider on some of his habits.
It’s easy to freak out about wanting to do well on exams but you won’t do well if your mind is going in a million directions.

"I study in my room with the music on and eat a lot of ice cream. It keeps stress levels down," said Amanda Arnold, a freshman this year at UWSP. Relaxation can improve your grades because it allows you to have a clearer mind. Once the clutter is sorted out, it becomes easier to focus.

With relaxation comes sleep. It’s a word that on a regular night for college students is difficult to attain.
With Finals right around the corner, students are turning to amssive ammounts of coffee.
Photo by Sam Feld.
"I definitely have lost sleep over exams. I was always afraid I’d oversleep like a bunch of other people I’ve heard of," said Alexander Gotch, a business management major. Take many small naps to help retain information and avoid oversleeping. However, when worse comes to worst, all-nighters are the next best option.

"I am suffering from extreme sleep deprivation. The only upside is that I get to hear my roommate talk to herself in her sleep," Arnold said.