Spring into Fashion
Rachel Pukall

The warm weather may seem like a distant dream, but with spring fever in the air, students are ready to break out their flip-flops and leave their jackets at home.

Karlyn Wormuth, a sophomore majoring in physical education, loves that all the different colors get brought back out in the spring.

“I think that light pastel colors and fringe will be really popular this year, and I’d really like to get away from crop tops,” Wormuth said.

Wormuth may be out of luck. Exposed midriffs are an upcoming trend this spring, along with cutouts, lace and deep V-necks.

Allison Davis, a senior majoring in pre-physical therapy, agrees. She loves when winter is over and she is able to wear a sweatshirt with shorts.

“I feel like I can wear more of my clothes in the spring than in the winter and bring out all of my colorful clothes. They’re always so bright and pop which really brightens my mood,” Davis said.

Wormuth agrees and likes the fact that it is no longer necessary to wear jeans and a big jacket.

“I love wearing athletic shorts or capris,” Wormuth said.

Rebecca Finger, a senior majoring in art, loves being able to get rid of all the bulky layers from winter and wear more flattering things.

“My favorite thing to wear would have to be skirts and cute rain boots or my TOMS shoes,” Finger said.

Danielle Arndt, a senior majoring in healthcare administration, loves spring because it is closer to summer weather, laying on the beach and having fun with friends. She also likes to start tanning in the spring.

“The sooner I can get my summer glow back, the better,” Arndt said.

Lindsay Serakos, a senior majoring in art management, also loves spring.

“It’s my favorite season. It’s so fresh outside and crisp,” Serakos said. “My absolute favorite part of spring is the tulips and flowers that start appearing. It just adds a fresh feeling to the world, and they smell wonderful.”

Serakos also loves the array of colors people wear without having to wear so many layers.

“I would like the pastel colors to come back again, such as mint green and coral. I really enjoyed wearing those last spring, and I want to wear them again,” Serakos said.

Besides pastels, it looks like natural tones and primary colors will be a big hit this season.

Davis would like to see more maxi dresses, lace, and colored capris and shorts this season.

Some must-have accessories this season are gladiator sandals, dangle earrings and a clutch.

Serakos’s favorite accessory to have with her in the spring is a cardigan.

“They’re nice to have on you just in case you get cold to throw it on,” Serakos said.

Serakos also can’t wait to wear sandals but has some requirements.

“For me to be able to wear flip-flops it has to be May and at least 60 degrees because otherwise my feet get too cold,” Serakos said.

Spring is just around the corner, and people will be wearing shorts and sandals before we know it.