Spring Break and STD Dangers
Michelle Thompson

The must have technology for Spring Break isn’t a map or party guide – it’s a site that allows you to verify and check someone’s STD status. Millions of students will head to a U.S. or international destination this Spring Break. Unfortunately, the statistics are scary (see below). During spring break, the average male reportedly drinks 18 alcohol drinks per day and the average female 10 drinks per day. About half of the spring breakers drank until they got sick or passed out at least once.

Unfortunately, many students engage in unsafe activities and “let loose” while drinking. One website is helping people practice “safe sex” this Spring Break. www.Qpid.me will send anyone an online report of your STD status, as long as you authorize it. Qpid.me, an online technology for anyone who wants to obtain, securely store and privately share their STD results is FREE for anyone. “The reality is that college students and even high school seniors take a trip during spring break, we are just trying to help them make safer choices and realize it’s essential to protect yourself if you choose to engage in sexual activity with someone you don’t know well,” said Ramin Bastani, creator of Qpid.me.

Michelle Thompson



Let us know if you would like to speak to Ramin Bastani, creator of this useful technology. Below are some sobering STD/Spring Break statistics:

• 26% of males and nearly 36% of females failed to use a condom during sex with someone they met on spring break

• Nearly 50% of the males and 41% of the females reported having consumed alcohol just prior to sex

• When asked about their alcohol use in connection with their sexual activities, 49% of men and 38% of women reported having sex as a direct result of drinking

• 75% of all students reported never or rarely using a condom on spring break

• Students reported their decision were negatively influenced by alcohol or drug use just prior to sexual activity

• 74% of males and nearly 88% of females reported never or rarely worrying about STDs/HIV, even though they were at risk

• About 48% of men and women who had sex under the influence regretted the experience.