Similarities Make for Lasting Relationships
Cassie Scott

roommate1.jpgTaylor Schenk from Hartford, Wis. and Matt Schramm from Franklin, Wis. have lived together for eight continuous semesters while attending the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

The two, now-seniors, met at their freshmen orientation in the summer of 2009. Schenk decided to attend UWSP because of his desire to study Natural Resources, while Schramm choose UWSP for its pre-physical therapy degree. Although their reason to attend Point was different, the school helped cultivate a friendship worthy of applause.

At the time, neither of the nervous freshmen had roommates, and when their guide asked the group to find a partner, the two turned towards one another.

“We happened to be standing next to each other and we introduced ourselves,” Schramm said.

After spending the day together, Schenk decided Schramm “seemed like a decent guy,” and Schramm figured Schenk wasn’t “crazy or anything.” They filled out their roommate forms that day.

What happened next surprised both individuals. Their almost-random room assignment turned into a lasting relationship.

When they moved onto the first floor of Watson, they got to know one another pretty quickly.

Schramm admits he was a little nervous when first moving in but makes it seem like it was love at first sight. Even with the little time the two had spent together Schramm said, “I didn’t feel like he was much of a stranger.”

Schenk mirrors that idea and said, “We both have almost the exact same traits, except I can hunt and cook better. It’s almost like we are twins, it’s scary how much our minds think alike sometimes.”

The two both enjoy the outdoors, guns, hunting, and fishing. Schenk encouraged Schramm to change his major to Natural Resources which allowed them to walk to and from classes together. Anyone that knows them would notice how similar their personalities and laid-back attitudes are. 

roomate-story-1-color-curtoseyof-taylor Schenk.jpg“We can relate to each other a lot. From similar interests to types of family, we have a lot in common,” Schramm said.

One could say their personality’s just, click. Schramm says they learned to trust one another pretty quickly which is what made them such good friends. He described an event that happened in their dorm room freshman year.

“He [Schenk] loves to throw knives at cardboard, pizza boxes or packages from home, etc. He would always ask me to hold up the ‘target,’ and one day I caved in just so he’d stop asking me to do it. Thankfully it was a thick cardboard box,” Schramm said.

Four years later the two pair up to pull pranks on their other roommates and resort to playing Russian roulette with a Nerf gun to solve any arguments that may arise.

Their favorite meal to cook together is a nacho supreme dinner. Although delicious, Schramm is disgusted by the “horrendous smell” Schenk can sometimes produce, and tends to monitor his diet.

As Schramm deals with Schenk’s odors, Schenk has learned to do the dishes Schramm never does.

Both individuals have a few odd habits, but they both accept one another and their faults.

Schramm admits to asking Schenk to be his roommate at freshmen orientation and believes he is the male in the relationship.

“I’m older, more experienced in the ways of the world, and I’m more of a man,” Schramm said.

They argue like a married couple because Schenk believes that Schramm would be lost without him and Schenk said, “I’m more manly and a better hunter and cook.”

Whether Schramm or Schenk is considered to be the man in the relationship depends on who you talk to. Regardless the roommates spend a lot of time together.

“We have created a lot of memories here at UW-SP to say the least,” Schenk said.

The memories will not be forgotten as the pair comes to acknowledge their time spent as roommates will soon come to an end. They will be living together for the Fall 2013 semester, but plan to graduate in December and haven’t made any living arrangements after that.

Regardless of living situations and no matter where life takes them after graduation, Schramm said, “we will be lifelong friends.”

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