SGA Presidential Campaigns Start
Aaron Krish

Candidates for the presidential election for the Student Government Association were announced, and campaigning started following last week’s senate meeting.

Running for office of president and vice president are freshmen Daniel Rawley and Michael Howard. Their opponents are current SGA executive board members Student Life Issues Director Ryan Specht and running partner Interim Legislative Issues Director David Boardman.

Each team has a month to campaign and reach the student body before the general election on Friday, March 15. While each duo has different views concerning the student body, all four candidates intend to serve the student body of the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point.

“As relatively new students to UWSP, we have a fresh, unbiased approach to the current issues facing this campus,” Rawley said. “We have gathered many different opinions from our fellow students on what they would like to see changed. We must provide them with an explanation of what a Howard-Rawley presidency would look like.”

“Each generation of campus leaders needs the preceding one to help develop it to its fullest potential, and in the office of the presidency I can work to not only better this campus today, but to also grow leaders to continue a strong tradition of student leadership for years to come,” Specht said.

Howard/Rawley Platform

Howard and Rawley’s plan is to focus on many on-campus services such as snow removal and parking issues. They seek to raise awareness of the SGA bike rental program, inspect dining services policies and support a green fund for the campus.

Concerning the construction of bike overhangs in certain areas around campus, Howard and Rawley explained that it would both save students money and encourage year-round sustainable transportation. The support for a green fund could further sustainability and help the campus seek greener pathways for implementation.

The pair would also focus on the removal of snow and ice during the winter months to further ensure the safety and cleanliness of the campus.

Parking at UWSP is one of the most affordable services offered by the university but continues to be inconvenient to Howard and Rawley. They would establish a task force that would include members of Parking Services, faculty and students to discuss and implement changes to fix the ongoing problem.

Finally, the duo will look at and review current policies of Dining Services to ensure that students are provided “with a more efficient and economical way to purchase food on campus,” according to their platform.

Specht/Boardman Platform

Specht and Boardman wish to continue working on current SGA legislation in their current positions and expand on many others if voted into office. Issues include the general education program, services offered by the university, campus safety and inclusivity and diversity.

The team is for the establishment of a green fund for which students have the maximum control and input on to “solidify the university’s commitment to environmental and sustainability issues.”

Similarly, they also plan to dedicate time increase the promotion of existing health and wellness programs on campus, while also looking at new initiatives like the Healthy Communities initiative for a healthier campus.

They also wish to ensure a smooth transition into the revised general education program by offering support to advising resources, as well as the continuation of current academic programs like the Tutoring- Learning Center and Health Services. They wish to ensure students are getting the academic and personal help they need.

Both SGA members wish to welcome a diverse population onto the UWSP campus to maintain a liberal arts education, as well as ensure the improvement of campus safety to maintain a welcoming and stable campus environment.

Finally, Specht and Boardman intend to work with local, state and federal leaders to keep tuition from rising. They look to find alternative solutions to maintain the quality of service that the university offers to its students.