Roommate of the Year Award
Submitted by Readers

Holden3.jpg1St place: Holden

Nominated by: Christina Lorge-Grover


This is my roommate Holden.  He is really great about sharing his snacks, loves watching movies, and is very polite.  His drawbacks are he hasn't mastered using the bathroom, does not cook or clean, and enjoys throwing everything from the shelves onto the floor.  He is pretty cute though and super precious.  His joy for life is contagious and he helps keep things in perspective. He is my little Thunder Buddy.


HillaryJung3.jpg2nd place: Hilary Jung

Nominated by: Elizabeth Zumpano


I would like to nominate Hillary Jung for roommate of the year. Although we haven't lived together long, she is becoming one of my best friends! I moved to Neale the 2nd week of the semester and was going through a really rough time in my life. Not only was she totally helpful in moving me in and making me feel welcome, she and her boyfriend helped me through a rough patch when I was emotionally fragile. When I checked myself into the hospital in February, she came and visited me even though she had only known me for a couple of weeks. I am nominating her for these reasons and many more. She is a fantastic person, extremely caring, a great sense of humor, and willing to talk about anything!



3rd place: Allyson Mahlik

Nominated by: Karalyn Kasmarek


Allyson Mahlik is the best roommate. For the first week of school, we sat up and talked till 2-3 in the morning every night. We instantly became best friends and she has made my first year at college amazing. As the year went on we watched other roommates fall apart and move out. She and I never even looked back. She works so hard and makes me want to do even better at school. Allie is kind hearted and trustworthy. She lets me be me and accepts all the weird things I do (like my obsession for wolves, dogs, and other furry creatures). She is an amazing friend and I am so lucky that we randomly got put together. Who knew that I would get an awesome roommate and an awesome friend. I love her a lot and I am so excited to live with her again!



Honorary Mention: Kaitlyn Luckow

Nominated by: Chelsea DeNoble


This is my roommate, Kaitlyn Luckow, and I at her 21st Bday. I couldn't decide what picture was best for this nomination, but I chose this one because it makes me feel like I'm all hers (and I am, duh!) She's a little weird (obviously) but she doesn't complain too much when I constantly talk about pointless things and complain about all of life's problems. What you might not know, however, is that deep down she's a genuinely nice person, and not just the crazy you see in this picture. She loves everyone, oddly enough, and everyone seems to love her back and find her zebra laugh adorable. But in all serious, she's totally wonderful! And beautiful, smart, kind, loving, understanding, and she even tries to not judge me. ;) We won't be living together anymore after a month or so, but we will be friends forever. Love you K! <3