Recall Effort Begins on Campus
Nate Enwald

Students kicked off the Recall Walker campaign Tuesday night in the Encore of the Dreyfus University Center to the bluegrass music of the Back Alley Blossoms.

November 15 was the opening day for signing petitions calling for Governor Scott Walker’s recall and, if the movement collects enough signatures (roughly 540,000 statewide) Walker will have to go through another election where he may or may not be re-elected.

"I think our chances are really good because there are things like this going on all over the state; it’s not just here, it’s everywhere," said Brent Bednarek, a volunteer at the opening event.

The night started with Representative Louis Molepske Jr. giving a brief speech encouraging the movement, followed by a concert by the local bluegrass folk band, The Back Alley Blossoms.

"Don’t sign the forms because someone tells you to do it, sign them because you want to. Sign them because you want to take control of your government; this is your chance to have equal expression. Do it because you believe it, and live what you believe," Molepske said.

According to a recent poll taken by St. Norbert College and Wisconsin Public Radio, 58 percent of state residents agree with recalling Walker.

Molepske said he hopes that the act of putting pressure on the governor will get them to recognize that the people of Wisconsin don’t like the agenda he’s pursuing.

"This is the truest form of democracy. It’s people deciding whether or not their representative should face another election because their agenda is so far from what they said they were going to do," Molepske said.

With recent massive budget cuts to education, BadgerCare and other government agencies, residents have growing concern about the future of job security and affordable medical care in Wisconsin.

"I hope that the student population realizes what is at stake. I think this is one of the biggest political, non-election things to happen in Wisconsin in a long time," Campus Democrats President Calvin Boldebuck said.

Should Walker be recalled, both sides of the political spectrum will campaign in an entirely new election.

There has been no candidate announced yet by the Democrats to run against Walker, should the recall campaign be successful.