Radiothon: A Little Somethin' for Everyone
Rachel Hanson
WWSP 90FM is once again holding its Radiothon fundraiser this coming weekend, December 3rd and 4th. The annual event is an on-air auction of donated goods from local businesses and organizations that comes just in time for the holiday season.

Radiothon provides a great publicity opportunity for local shops and services.

"Local businesses are usually really supportive of 90," said Dana Scheffen, News and Public Affairs Director for the station. "[Radiothon] gives those newer businesses a chance to get their name out."

Products from local favorites like Emy J’s and Radio Kaos are featured on the auction list, as well as unique items like a laser-signed Packers football and hundreds of CDs from 90fm collections.

One 90FM program out of many Radiothon supports is the highly-acclaimed Trivia contest. To bring the two events together and get teams involved, the theme for Trivia is announced at 11AM on Saturday during the auction. Trivia coordinator Jim "Oz" Oliva will announce the Trivia 43 theme, which is a mystery to everyone else at 90 until the unveiling.

"Oz comes up with questions and the theme every year. He IS trivia." said Nicole Allee, a junior communications and media production major and 90fm DJ.

Four packages will be auctioned off hourly, with new items presented every fifteen minutes. Current bids will be announced in between each song played in order to keep bidders updated. You can even bid to dress up station manager Mason Meuleman in literally whatever you choose for his Trivia shift. The 90fm website suggests "a dress? Dump maple syrup on his head?" Now that sounds like a quality Christmas present.