On Wisconsin... and UWSP, I Guess
Michael Wilson - COMMENTARY

As I prepare to ditch this beautiful but cold-ass state forever, I thought I’d use my access to this soap box to tell you what I think we need to do, just one last time. Admittedly, this will not be my best Pointer article— let’s face it: I’m on a deadline, and not quite trying to impress you anymore.

First, let’s talk about what we do right. No one brews a better beer than our state’s microbrewers. No one can make rubbery cheese as delicious and squeaky as our cheese curd makers. No one can fake ice cream like Belt’s fakes ice cream. No one has won the super bowl in 2011 like the Packers won the super bowl in 2011. No other state has ever produced an Adam Greuel like Wisconsin has produced an Adam Greuel.
This is the state that fought for the weekend, the 8-hour work day, and the right to fart without having to leave the living room. Speaking about farts, we are the state that (because you decided you didn’t need to vote in 2010) put Scott Walker in office. However, we’re also going to be the state that forces him out of office ahead of his term’s end. But don’t expect the recall to work. You’re going to have to fight for justice, if you want it.


And speaking about being forced out of a term, I’ll address UWSP specifically. First of all, thank you to the great faculty and staff who fight for us and struggle daily against the pressures of society and its institutions, which are run by crazy megalomaniacs. To my professors and the staff who mentored me, thank you for your understated work for us, students.

You have to do something about the level of authoritarianism and reactionary ideology that is incipient in your administration. As the Department of Anthropology is being obliterated, people are being rewarded for dismantling the jobs of some of our greatest professors. The rewards involve handsome packages and higher positions.

So my last warning to UWSP, be wary of those within your ranks who knowingly make the wrong decisions because of their chase for bacon grease. And be wary of that piggy, telling you what to do or else. And if you are one of the admin and faculty responsible for these attacks on social justice, shame on you. And if you’re a student watching the institution as conservative and power-hungry administrators dismantle it from within, then you better do something, because I’m out of here.