OccuPOINT demonstrators urge others to "move their money."
Rachel Hanson
​Demonstrators line up outside of Chase Bank in Stevens Point to urge others to find other alternatives.
Photos by Rachel Hanson

“Move your money” was the catch phrase Saturday as OccuPOINT protestors rallied on the sidewalk in front of Chase Bank. Those at the rally hoped to inspire others to move their money from big banks into smaller credit unions.
“These banks are underhandedly deceiving the people who trust them,” said Randy Brown, a mathematics student at UWSP. “[They are responsible for] a lot of sketchy investments and risky financial derivatives that can't be sustained.”
Chase Bank in particular was chosen as the site of protest not only because of its ranking as one of the largest OccuPOINT3-Rachel.jpgbanks in the world, but also because of its ties to current Occupy news. According to the J.P. Morgan Chase website, the bank donated $4.6 million over the last year to the New York City Police Foundation. Now that Occupy Wall Street is heating up, the police department is using equipment paid for with those very funds to control protests.
With recent reports of mistreatment and brutality from police in charge of occupied areas, some find this connection a scary one.
“Are they serving and protecting us, or is it about private property (protecting the money)?” said an unidentified UWSP student who attended Saturday's rally. Attendees of the rally suggested moving accounts out of big banks and into a local credit union as a solution to this problem.