Modern Warfare 3: A How-To
Gus Merwin
Video games are often the best option we have when we want to escape from this dark and depressing world. They allow us to release tension, focus on something less trivial, and hone skills that can serve us for the rest of our lives.

However, video games can often become so engrossing the player can become addicted and obsessed. They may become irrational and moody. An uber-gamer may begin speaking in tongues, endlessly reciting formations from Madden and rambling on about their Kill-Death Ratio.

As someone who has played video games since childhood I have seen both ends of the spectrum. I have friends who are nothing more than recreational gamers and just play for something to do. I also have friends that will be buried with a controller in their hands.
Now there’s nothing wrong with being intense about gaming--most of us have been there. But you need to know how to enjoy your gaming experience properly. I offer you some playing techniques that will help relieve some stress.

*Take time to get to know the game.

This isn’t a random hookup, it’s a courtship. Treat the game like it’s a girl you want to date. Be patient, but know when to show a little hustle. Pay attention to the physical attributes. Find sturdy things to hide behind, be mindful of where enemies spawn and where they like to attack from.

*Beat campaign before you start playing online.

I know many people, especially little kids, buy these games just so they can go online and pawn some NOOBS. You’re missing out on so much. The makers of the game spent quite a while crafting a wonderful storyline that is both thrilling and engaging. They’re not just making a game, they’re creating a tale. Reward their efforts and play campaign.

*Know when to slow play.
My roommate found out the hard way that running in guns blazing is a sure way to get killed quickly. Real soldiers don’t do it, neither should you. Hide behind things, crouch, and peek around corners. Using a tactical and calculated approach and slowing yourself down will save your life and make you appear more experienced.

*Shoot with purpose.

My aforementioned roommate is arguably in the top 10 worst shot category. Watching him burn through an entire magazine and not hit a soul was painful and depressing. It doesn’t take 20 bullets to eliminate an enemy; three well placed shots will usually suffice. They put sights on guns for a reason. Aim, fire. This way you can save yourself time and ammo. Anybody can volley 200 rounds from a 50 caliber and kill five guys. It takes skill to do it with just a few bullets. Show some maturity.

*Remember that it's just a game.

Nothing that is happening on the screen in front of you is real. You are not actually getting shot and you are not actually repeatedly dying. The only thing that’s real is your poor skills and poor attitude. Like any game, there are people out there better than you. Once you accept this fact you’ll stop throwing controllers and swearing gratuitously.

*Have fun.

If you spend $60 on something and it doesn’t do anything but piss you off, it probably was a poor investment. You might as well have bought a bunch of sandpaper and wore them for underwear.