Magic in the Encore
Jordan Lorraine

UWSP Magic players huddle around their card games
 in a double elimination tournament.  Photos by Emily Hoffmann.

Friday, Centertainment Productions hosted Magic: The Gathering tournament in the Encore where students threw down their gauntlets and battled each other with their cards instead of fists.

Magic: The Gathering is the biggest trading card game in the world, where collectable cards meet strategy and a bit of luck. There is even a professional level for Magic, which boasts hundreds of thousands of dollars up for grabs.

Centertainment’s tournament brought hardcore and casual Magic players into a relaxed and friendly setting.

"I wanted it to be more based around fun, rather than competitiveness," said Austin Loveless, Travel and Leisure Coordinator and the director of the event.

Thirteen students attended the double elimination tournament, which Loveless felt was a good turnout after some miscommunication.
The winner of the tournament, Noah VanEe, turned out to be the Cinderella story of the night. VanEe was the first loss in the tournament and then came back in the loser’s bracket to win everything, even beating his first opponent who he originally lost to.
"I got destroyed in my first matchup and didn't expect to place very highly after that," said VanEe when asked about his performance in the touranment. 

"However, my deck just started working really well after that first game."
VanEe’s story is even more impressive when you consider that it was his very first tournament after playing for little more than a year, starting in Oct. 2010.

"It was a lot of fun to meet some fellow Magic players and hang out for the night…Overall it was a great experience and I look forward to the next event," VanEe said.

For more information about future Centertainment events and the possibility of future tournaments, contact Austin Loveless at alove624@