Letter to the Editor Response
Will Rossmiller
In last week’s issue of The Pointer, Gregor Walz pointed out a flaw in my article titled "Happy 100th, Fenway". I missed the fact that Bill Buckner’s iconic misplay occurred in Shea Stadium and not Fenway.
First off, I would like to thank Walz for correcting me on the error. As a rookie journalist, it’s important to learn a lesson early on that without good research, the article will have major flaws. But beside the point of my bad research, I cannot agree with everything Walz states in his letter.
Many of the events mentioned by Walz that I missed in the article were very historic and important events in Fenway’s history, but my stories are usually on a strict 500 word limit. If Walz noticed, we had 5 sports stories during this issue, and there was little room for more content.
We were so squeezed for space that the last paragraph of the story had to be taken out to make it fit. Ted Williams during the 1999 all-star game was a memorable moment, but it wasn’t something that every baseball fan thinks of when they think Fenway Park.
I also understand that some aspects of the 2004 Red Sox comeback was omitted form the article, this was also because of space issues. I would love to have written a 1000 word tribute to Fenway were I could have touched on all of the great things that happened there, but that just wasn’t the case.
I do agree that Ted Williams was one of the greatest hitters of all time, but I don’t think that you can proclaim him the greatest. He may have missed time during multiple wars, but it’s really hard to say who really is the greatest.