Land Your Dream Job
Rachel Pukall

Do you ever wonder how to land your dream job after you graduate? Career Services, located in room 201 of the Student Services building, has helpful tips and advice.

“Students don’t understand that they have to work for their dream jobs. They think they will just land them. You can’t feel entitled just because you went to college,” said John Zach, the Career Development Coordinator .

Career Services helps students figure out what they are interested in and help them work on their skills in detail. They also provide networking opportunities, critique resumes, prepare students for interviews and offer advice with job applications.

Students still in school can apply for internships that relate to the work that they want to do and talk to people by setting up informational interviews.

“Talking to people in the career that you want to go into is the best way to learn about it. We can provide you with information, but talking to people with experience in that area is beneficial,” Zach said.

Students shouldn’t wait until the last minute to put together a resume and apply for jobs.

Angela Kellogg, the Director at Career Services, recommends attending job fairs already as a freshman.

“It’s never too early. You have to know your timeline because every industry is different,” Kellogg said. “Networking is a great way to meet people in the field that you are interested in and to gain experience. A lot of people go to college and major in the same thing as you. It’s what sets you apart from all the others that gets you a job, not what your major is.”

Career Services’ biggest asset is their online system, Careerpoint.

Careerpoint offers many things, such as linking students with employers and employment information, whether they are just exploring or ready to apply for positions. All currently enrolled University of Wisconsin—Stevens Point students have an account ready for them to access on Careerpoint.

Career Services also has their huge collegiate job fair this month and will host a speed networking event with alumni. These opportunities allow students to learn more about the career that they plan on going into by talking to people already in the field.

The job fair will take place on Feb. 26 from noon to 4 p.m. in the Laird room. Admission is free for students and graduates.

Those who attend will be able to connect with employers throughout Wisconsin who are seeking graduates interested in career positions, continuing students for internships, or just practical experience.

“Employers at job fairs take notes, even if you are only a freshman. They will remember you if you make an impression,” Kellogg said.

Career Services is always ready to assist students with their needs, from choosing a major to linking them to career options.