In Support of Scott Walker
Rachel Gilane
As American citizens, we are all granted certain rights that should be exercised by every one of us; one of those rights being the right to vote those who can serve as a representative into office. On January 3, 2011, Governor Scott Walker was welcomed into office as the 45th Governor of the state of Wisconsin. In accepting his new role as Governor, Walker inherited a deficit over 3.6 billion dollars. When voted into office, Wisconsinites felt they were electing a man who could not only turn Wisconsin around, but create a prosperous workforce. The voters put their faith in Governor Walker’s abilities to save Wisconsin from its recessional faults. As one of those voters I choose to stand behind Walker and support his efforts to pull Wisconsin out of the recession.

Many public workers in Wisconsin have shown a terrible distaste for Walker because they appear to misinterpret the meaning and purpose behind his proposed bills. Those same workers are the people who refuse to pay money toward their own pensions and a more reasonable amount of money toward their health care bills. These are the same workers who expressed outraged because the Governor wanted to limit their ability to collectively bargain rights. However, if these workers looked into the private sector, they would find a much harsher reality. It is rare in the private sector to pay little to nothing for health care, bargain wages, and have a secure pension. Many private sector workers are responsible for their own welfare, yet the workers working in the public sector are forced to cooperate at the wills of the unions. The unions were initiated as a post-Depression era initiative to help the economy return to a normal standard of money flow. The only purpose these unions serve today is the primary benefactor of a massive deficit. In part the unions have aided in the advance of Wisconsin’s monetary deficits.

As a concerned voter and citizen, I urge you to stand with Governor Walker through these trying times. Do not hesitate to show your support through phone call, email, or letter. As a concerned citizen you too should move to support our Governor this upcoming year.