If God is For Us - COMMENTARY
Gus Merwin
I really didn’t want to get into this argument because I know this subject has more division than Edward and Jacob, but I’ll chance it.

Tim Tebow is a winner--fact. You can argue as much as you want, but he’s done it everywhere he’s been.

I don’t agree with the notion that Tebow is ‘terrible’ and has no business being a starting quarterback. I do agree that his mechanics are suspect, but it’s his second year in the pros, so calm down.

The word I can use to best describe his quarterbacking is ‘unconventional.’ But the thing I have the biggest problem with is this: who decided what’s conventional?

Sure quarterbacks are expected to do certain things like take the snap, hand the ball off and throw it to another guy. Aren’t they also expected to lead? To make plays? To win?

Maybe their offense is just a glorified wildcat, but it works.

Tebow puts the Broncos in the best position to win.
You could argue that if Tebow wasn’t at quarterback the first three quarters the Broncos wouldn’t have to make comebacks in the fourth. But if Tebow wasn’t at quarterback in the fourth quarter they wouldn’t be making comebacks at all. Are you going to trust Brady Quinn with anything but a clipboard in crunch time?
​Tim Tebow can take a hit while playing quarterback.
Photo by Jeffrey Beall.
Yes he throws goofy, but they pay coaches lots of money to work on that. Look at how much better Michael Vick has thrown the ball later in his career. But even if his passing abilities are spotty at best, he is still a playmaker.

Why wouldn’t you want a quarterback that’s agile and can make things happen with his feet? Would you prefer having a guy that’s as mobile as a church organ?

I think much of the animosity felt towards Tebow is a direct result of his personality. His faith is an important part of his life and he makes it known. Maybe he could tone it down a bit in certain settings, but why does everyone have such a big problem with him being religious?

He’s not trying to convert everyone. He’s not about to lead some sort of revival. He’s not handing out little bibles outside the HEC.
So what if he says he’s still a virgin? If you have enough time on your hands to read one of my articles you probably are too. Not everyone is Wilt Chamberlain. Some people just don’t think about it. They have other things to do.

How can people go from claiming him as possibly the greatest college quarterback ever to being an awful professional player? His methods are pretty much the same, and his results haven’t changed.

Head Coach John Fox is doing what any coach should do. He’s adapting to the personnel he has. Why run an ineffective system when you have players that can get the job done a different way?

Tebow is much more than a great athlete. He is a good person; he’s charismatic, likeable, and he has high moral standards. No matter how much criticism he gets, he will always be able to rise above it.

No matter how poorly a player performs or how bad they get ridiculed, the greatest response they can have is victory. They can quiet an entire crowd with a single point towards the scoreboard.

The English clergyman George Herbert said, "Living well is the best revenge." You can be sure Tebow will, whether you hate him or not.