Hard To Find Cuisine... Found.
Andy Hesse

kristens.jpgWalking into Kristin’s Riverwalk at 1140 Clark Street, you’re immediately greeted by wooded accents and dim lights. The peninsula style bar runs along the entrance, leading you to the dining area where customers dine on the made-from-scratch fare. 

The menu features a base of options as well as in season options that owner Kristin Mertis proudly exclaimed is made using locally grown ingredients. The American style food features items such as pizzas, wraps, sandwiches and burgers. Sides such as French fries and chips are sliced and cooked to order as well.

"We try to go for the upscale pub and grill look,"Mertis said. "We want comfortable, relaxed. Whether you want to come in here in jeans, a shirt, and flip flops or the business man having a meeting in the corner."
Kristin’s bar features beverage options that Mertis, who is also a certified mixologist, claims you can’t find anywhere else. Mertis said that she doesn’t shy away from conjuring up a drink on the fly for the customers who are sick of the usual drinks you can get anywhere.
Kristin’s Riverwalk in Stevens Point features locally grown ingredients and appeals to a wide variety of
people. Photo courtesy of wall-spacegallery.com​
"We run different drinks daily," said Mertis, who recently created a banana split shot so good that she says customers could actually taste each individual flavor.
Other than purchasing locally grown ingredients, Kristin’s Riverfront is making an effort to be community based. Recently, Kristin’s held a fundraiser for the local skate park by hosting a live music venue. At the end of the month, Kristin’s is anxiously waiting to host the Reptile Palace Orchestra.
Kristin’s Riverwalk is also appealing to the trivia theme this week, reminding people that they deliver on their Facebook page. Also, May 2 will begin to host Team Trivia every Wednesday from 7-9 p.m. that is free. The event will also have prizes.
Mertis has gained experience working in Stevens Point in virtually every position of restaurants prior to graduating from Mid-State Technical College majoring in Farm Operations.
"I learned how to nutritionally feed all the animals, plus raise cattle to beef, chickens because I do have a farming background," Mertis said.
Mertis learned about where food comes from, how to prepare it, as well as how to professionally create a drink that will pair with the dish. Mertis also talked about how she didn’t mind making food off menu if she had some ingredients laying around to make something new.
"They tell me to make something in a certain price range and all I ask is what are they allergic to," Mertis said.
Kristin’s Riverwalk supports the Point Cash system but alcohol purchases cannot be purchased using Point Cash. Like Kristin’s Riverwalk on Facebook.