Handsome Furs’ “Sound Kapital”: A Review
Dylan Shanahan

Handsome Furs brings electronic punk to an entirely new level with a strong indie feel. Thinking of MGMT and Joy Division having a baby is almost a picture-perfect way to describe their tone. Edgy without the hardcore, indie without the confusion.

It stays within the confines of a heavily synthed, up-beat electronic style added with tons of effects and sounds from guitar to piano.


Many of the songs retain a trancelike feel. Great for a general atmosphere such as an electronic set for a DJ. The songs are very crisp and, most importantly, well produced. The bass never cracks and the voice of the singer always keeps the beat moving along and changing like a composer would to a symphony. It really does a great job keeping each song fun and inventive.


The lyrics are also something worthy of notice. Not only does it keep it clean but the words are used in a way that’s not only effective but gives it a feel all its own.


The only thing I can find that I dislike is the simplicity of some of the beat signatures. At times it felt as if they were interchanged (recycled), but more or less this is a minor issue. I hope he or they continue to create. It most definitely awakens a nostalgia for good poppy electronic music.