Grasping at Straws
Logan T. Carlson
Last week featured two resounding victories for President Obama’s foreign policy that left Republicans hopelessly trying to spin these victories into defeats. In fact, if Obama were a Republican, then they would have been calling for statues and an addition to the side of Mount Rushmore in light of his foreign policy success during his first term.

Muammar Qaddafi’s death last week was the first of two announcements that added to an ever-increasing list of foreign policy successes that left Republicans praising any and every party responsible besides the President. Senator Marco Rubio of Florida presented the plaudits to the French and the British six months after saying from the senate floor that "they do not have the military capability to finish the job."

In a Michelle Bachmann presidency Qaddafi would probably still be in power. On Sunday she told Chris Wallace on Fox News Sunday that President Obama was wrong to help the Libyan people overthrow Qaddafi because at least "we knew who the devil was." May I remind the congresswoman who will never be president that Qaddafi has American blood on his hands.

The next day, President Obama announced that the United States would remove all U.S. troops from Iraq as per the Status of Forces Agreement that was signed by his predecessor, George W. Bush, and Republicans jumped all over him for that great announcement.
Mitt Romney said he was astonished to see Obama’s "failure to secure an orderly transition in Iraq" despite the fact that the transition has been ongoing for 8 years and 181 days since George Bush announced "Mission Accomplished," and taken 4,479 American military fatalities.

Meanwhile, not to be outdone, Governor Rick Perry issued a statement saying he was "deeply concerned" that the President "was slow to engage the Iraqis." Newt Gingrich, another person who will never be president, said "the president has announced what will be seen by historians as a decisive defeat for the U.S. in Iraq," two days after he said "the president is right" in removing all troops from Iraq.

Apparently Perry and Gingrich have no idea what the SOFA is because if they did they would have known the democratically elected government of Iraq ratified the agreement in November 2008. Gingrich was right in his initial statement when he said, "This is not about Obama."

While it is true President Obama was in negotiations to keep a couple thousand troops in Iraq to assist the Iraqi government with training, those negotiations ultimately broke down after the Iraqi government refused to grant legal immunity to those forces.

Afraid to not get her shot in on the subject, Bachmann announced that the Iraqi government should reimburse us the full costs of the war, totaling around $800 billion. That is totally justifiable because the Iraqi people were lobbying the Bush Administration to invade their country in the run up to the war.

Rush Limbaugh took it upon himself to defend the Lord’s Resistance Army last week simply because they have the word "Lord" in their name which apparently means they are a Christian militia even though the group "has abducted thousands of people, mainly children, tortured and murdered; and looted and destroyed property."

Limbaugh’s defense of the LRA came after President Obama announced he was sending a hundred troops to four central African nations to assist the governments in their fight against the LRA. In Limbaugh’s world the LRA is a Christian organization that is fighting Muslims and that is the sole reason why Obama would want to stop them, because remember Obama is a secret Kenyan Muslim.

Insisting countries pay us for liberation they never asked for; Defending depraved mass murders to try and win a political point over a president you disagree with. This is what the Republican Party has become.
It is no strange surprise that President Obama has been able to achieve the most success during his time in office in the area of foreign affairs because he does not have to deal with a congressional Republicans that are so determined to fight him at every instance.